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Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Where can I see the work in person?

A: New Galleries will be added soon!



Q:  How much are the limited edition prints selling for?

A: Currently the prices are ranging between $1,500 to $3,200(US) each.  They are in edition sizes of only 25 with 5 additional Artist's Proofs (per painting) available for sale at my discretion.  Each painting comes signed and numbered with accompanying certificate of authenticity. Please note, prices and future size of editions may be subject to change.



Q:  What is your payment method?

A: If local to the San Diego area, I will accept cash or check. If ordered through my web site PayPal is preferred. Credit cards will be accepted soon.



Q:  What is your medium?

A: I paint using a graphics tablet and digital pen, utilizing a painting program on my Apple iMac. This method allows me tremendous flexibility, precise detail and virtually no-loss quality straight to my canvas printing. Traditional media requires an additional digital photograph/scan of original art, thus often resulting in some loss of original detail.



Q:  What is your printing method?

A: I use archival grade canvas that is printed using the Giclee printing method which is the best in the industry, designed to last over 100 years without fading.  It's then hand-stretched, finished with a protective scratch-resistant UV laminate and ready to hang. For framing I use a white wood composite frame, including gallery-strength piano wire and protective rubber bumpers.



Q:  Will you ship paintings out of state or country?

A: Yes, provided shipping, duty and handling charges are paid for in advance.



Q:  Do you take on private commissions?

A: Currently I am.  However, prices are negotiated beforehand depending on the complexity of the project. You would need to provide detailed photos with multiple angles and close ups for optimal detail.  Final Canvas size will be limited to maximum 38" x 76" for rectangular pieces or maximum 38" x 38" for square pieces.  Each print will be hand signed with a certificate of authenticity.  Additional canvas prints may also be purchased at discounted prices.  Please note that private commissions are meant for your personal use only and I retain full copyright on all artwork.

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