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"Hi, I'm Dean 

and I like classic cars."


Well not just classic cars but just about anything that has beautiful vintage lines, wheels and character!

A little about me: I'm an artist/father, living in San Diego, California and I've been lucky enough to illustrate professionally for over 20 years. I'm originally from Latvia and in 1978 my family and I immigrated to Canada, this coincidentally is when I started to draw...passionately!
At the ripe-old age of 17, I received a full-tuition scholarship from The Art Institutes International and in
1993, I graduated with Best Portfolio from AIFL in south Florida.

During the course of my career, while living in the US and Sweden, I've gotten to work with some of the
top advertising agencies, magazines, publishers and toy companies in America/Europe. Some notable
assignments have included creating exclusive branding and character designs for Purina, Hasbro and
Burger King. From 2003-2007, I was a monthly-featured contributing artist for Disney publications and in
2008, I helped create a kids virtual online world for Kinder Chocolate, in Italy.

More recently in 2012, I collaborated with a Seattle-based Programming firm (GameCollage) and New York Times technology editor (Bob Tedeshi), in which we created an interactive educational app
that gained critical acclaim worldwide and the prestigious 2012 Apple Design award among others.

I still continue to work as a freelance illustrator and app designer but I've also fallen in love with my new venture... painting classic vehicles in my quirky-detailed style. I'm calling this venture 

dam Don't read too much into the name, it's
just my initials (Dean Alex MacAdam). But hopefully you'll remember it!

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I did creating it.






Dean MacAdam


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